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Ivan Tolverich
Head of the Defenders
Important Information
Gender Male
Location Sanctum Sanctorum
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'
Affiliation The Defenders
Weapons Alchemy potions
Powers See below
Missions None yet


Ivan was the son of two Russian immigrants who had gotten lucky, so they had enough money to give Ivan a good education. He became especially interested in chemistry, and got a PhD in the subject. He then was walking one day when he came upon a grove of mutated plants. He took them to his lab, reproduced them, and began experimenting. Using the irradiated plants, he soon developed multiple chemical solutions that could do stuff like explode on impact, heal, and other. He decided to become a vigilante, and was generally like by the police because he made sure that the people he caught were easily captured, but put into no mortal danger. One day, he happened upon the defenders. They weren’t the typical type of superheroes, and they each kind of did their own thing, which he liked. He joined, and soon ascended the ranks, and recently became leader.


Crazy, Zany, good, REALLY smart


See picture


Making potions. Currently knows how to make potions for.... (Note: As he goes along, he’ll learn more)

  • Exploding
  • Healing
  • Sticky
  • Poison


Not much physical strength, and potions take time to brew