Alexandra "Alex" Motion
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Me...Myself...And I....

Dragon Flames

Who are YOU? Cause maybe you should tell me, after all this is MY diary you are reading. Well, I guess cause I'm in a good mood, I'll tell you 'bout me. My name is Alexandra Motion, but don't call me that, if you do you'll never be seen again...Call me Alex, or Dragon. Yes, I am nine years old. But don't underestimate me for that. I have the intelligence of a fifteen year old. Some say I'm insane, maybe I am, just warning you. I like fire. I love fire. Fire is me. That's my powers you see, I can control, create, be resistant, put out fire. WIP

Alexandra Motion
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Birth 2003
Family The Motion Siblings
Status Alive, nine
Eye Colour Deep brown
Hair Colour Black
Height Short for her age
Allies The Sinister Circle
Enemies Hero scum!
Powers Fire

Missions None