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Wyatt Young
Four Elements Fire by CrisVector
Important Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Black
Height 6'8
Affiliation The Avengers
Weapons His powers
Powers Can control and generate fire from his body
Missions None yet
This character is in the Avengers.


Wyatt can be cool but at other times he's a hot head


Wyatt was born in the small town of Apollo Beach, Florida, on July 8th, 1991. One night, when Wyatt was 20, he was finally going to sleep, when he heard a loud, kind of crackling noise outside. Wyatt jumped out of his bed groggily and looked out the window. What he saw immediatly woke him up. Coming almost straight at him was probably the hugest meteor he had ever seen. He put on his sandals and ran straight out the front door trying to escape the meteor and it's path of doom. Soon it was so close he could it generating heat. He felt his skin tingle as the meteor got closer and closer. Shortly after he could feel himself almost burning to nothing but he was still running. Suddenly he heard and earth shattering boom. Wyatt looked behind him still running and was immediatly hit by the shockwave. As he rode the shockwave he could feel himself almost dying but still breathing. Soon the shockwave died enough to drop him onto the ground. When he opened his eyes he could feel the pain seeping into his body, going through his blood streams and nervous system. When he could finally get up he actually felt better then he did before. He felt fired up and ready to go. A few days later he found out about his powers by accidently catching his mothers dog on fire. Soon he was able to blaze through the skies and from then forth he called himself Blaze. Later he was accepted into the Avengers.


Fire proof suit