Daniel Frost
Leader of H.Y.D.R.A
(This Character Belongs to Poseidon Child)


I have green eyes and messy brown hair. Pale skin but I'm am going to get tan real soon. I like to wear purple or blue tees and jeans. I ALWAYS wear a pair of gloves and that is all!


I am quite stubborn sadly to say, and I tend to be more of a calm person and I don't get angry easily.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Birth 1992
Family Kristen Frost

Father unknown

Status Alive, 16
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brownish Black
Height 6'2"
Affiliation H.Y.D.R.A HQ
Weapons His Powers
Powers Control and Creating of Ice

Home H.Y.D.R.A HQ


I was born in Spain, but my mum moved to California after I was born because dad died there because a mutant attacked him and he place gave her sad memories. She gave me a pair of gloves, which was my dad's gift to me and I wore them everday. I was a great student, straight A*s and everything! Despite that, I wasn't popular with the other kids. Geek, Nerd are names I'm used to. At one point, some people even started a rumor about me having some kind of weird flu that people could get just by touching me, so I was avoided most of the time. I didn't find out I was a mutant until December 25th. Yes, boxing day. It was the holidays, and I was walking to the grocery store. I was pretty tired that day, and decided to take a shortcut to the store. So I went through the woods, in the middle of my short journey I heard a light footsteps behind me. Like I was being followed, I turned around to find the two ugly faces of Jerk 1 and Jerk 2. Both members of the school's precious rugby team. They came at me at full force trying to tackle me, I fell down on a nettle bush, my gloves got torn and suddenly the bush became enclosed with ice. The jerks didn't see that and rushed at me again, this time went I touched them they froze. I was a mutant, what my mum always hated. So I didn't go back home, instead I wandered around and I found the H.Y.D.R.A headquarters. Now I have joined them, they codenamed me Frostbyrne.


  • I can create ice at will
  • I can control ice with my mind and with my hands.
  • I can withstand extremely cold temperatures.
  • I can turn things to ice.
  • If I look into your eyes and concentrate really hard, I can freeze you for a very short period of time.</font>