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Name/Codename: Jared Rudden/ Pathos


Affiliation: X-men

Powers: Empathy- The ability to feel and manipulate the emotions of others, can easily feel the emotions of everyone within 100 miles

Empathic Power Mimicry-The ability to copy another mutants powers, his range with this power is yet to be defined.

Appearance: Tall, slightly muscular, with dark brown hair and blue eyes

Personality: Genereally laid back and happy-go-lucky

History: Jared Rudden was born in a small town in Pennsylvania. He recieved his empathy power shortly after his fifth birthday, when he and his friends were playing on jungle gym. Jared was on the ground watching the others play and his best friend Jake fell off and broke his arm, both Jared and Jake began writhing in pain on the ground. When Jake left to be taken to the hospital Jared immediatley began to feel better. But as he turned around he felt his other friends fear of him. From that day on Jared began keeping his powers underwraps making sure no one knew of his powers. When he got into middle school Jared began practicing with his powers more and learned he could control other people emotions, when he walked into his 7th grade science class, after a dentist appointment where he recieved a large amount of laughing gas, as soon as he stepped into the room, the entire class began laughing including his teacher. Jared exploited this power when he got into high school, he was able to get the most popular girl to go out with him after toying with her emotion. After Jared's graduation the leader of the X-men came to visit Jared and offered him the oppurtunity to join the X-men. Jared accepted and went with the leader, shortly after the trip began Jared started displaying the leaders powers, but after an hour the powers went away. When they got back to the X-men base Jared knew he was here to do something great.

Equipment: A general X-men suit, with specialized goggles that allow him visually see emotions as colors.

Weakness: Jared's weakness is that emotions can sometimes override him and cause him to go crazyWhen he copies another's powers he only has the same level of control as the mutant he copied it from, also the power mimicry is a new power therefore it does not always work when Jared wants it too. This power also only lasts on average an hour.

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