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Name: Maria Sae Gris

Codename: 'Ole Sae

Age: 50, but looks like she's in her 30s

Group I want to Join: Defenders


  • She can perform a Gris Gris spell; this spell causes the victim to get unfortunate bad luck, both with long term and/or short term consquences
  • She can perform voodoo magic (aka love potions, revenge spells, voodoo dolls, and strength potions )
  • She can perform seances, though they last very short and sometimes may not work
  • She can foresee someone's future through her third eye, although in order for it to work, a sacrifice must be made,


  • She is not physically strong, and therefore is easily susceptible to physical attacks
  • Forseeing someones future requires a lot of energy, and thus she uses it rarely.

Appearance: Maria's most striking characteristic is her third eye on her forehead. She is African American, with bright green eyes. She has many tribal tattoos that apparently "enhance her powers". She always wears charm and bone necklaces and Moroccan Gowns.


Personality: She is mysterious, boisterous, loud and hardly ever makes sense. She is very extroverted, and does not know the definition of "quiet"

History: Maria was born to a woman, Maya Gris, a Seance Artist in the Carribbean. One day, she and a client had an affair, and Maria was born. When Maya first saw the child, she was horrified by its eye, on its forehead. She was so afraid of it, she hid it from the rest of the town. No one knew about the girl, except Maya. One day, when the child was three, she ran out of her chamber, while her mother was performing a seance. The customers, a rich family who had recently lost a son, screamed, and ran out, accussing her and her child to be witches. Maya was ruined. No one came to her for buisness and she was forced to close the store. When the police found out about Maya and her "witch child", they put her under house arrest, and hung her, for witchcraft. Maria knew she would be next to be hung- and she was right. However she made a voodoo doll of one of the guards, and made the two attack each other. In the fracas and confusion, she escaped. All alone, she clambered upon a cargo ship over to the USA, where she made a worked in a smallgris gris shop, for an old lady in New Orleans. When Maria was 17, she was approached by the Alchemist, and joined him in his cause. She has been there ever since.


A snake called Calypso. Maria uses her venom for potions and poisons alike. She also has a wolf called Mordred. She found him while travelling around New Orleans. He now aids her in attacks. Copy of redridinghood

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