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Jake has went to Africa ,to help protect Anmials from Poachers.

Belongs to GR Edit

This character is in the Avengers.

Jake Riggs
The Minotaur
The Human Bull
Important Information
Gender Male
Location Verys
Status Alive,Single
Eye Color Blue (human) , Brown (Minotaur)
Hair Color Blonde (Human) , Brown (Minotaur,Fur)
Height 5'4 (human) , (never been measured in Minotaur)
Affiliation The Avengers
Weapons None
Powers -He has Super Human Strength as a Minotaur.

-He has bull like speed as a Minotaur.

Missions (None Yet)


Jake Riggs was born a Mutant with astrange gene .He could change in a Giant bull other wise called a Minotaur.Jakes father Vince was rich owner of a chain of Fast Food Reasteraunts.Vince was always ashamed of his sons Mutation to turn into a Minotaur ,so he usally kept Jake littarly in the basement.Jakes was often treated like a family pet ,sometimes even called "it". he went ot school on a online homeschool class.At first Jake had no control from when he would change to Minotaur to human ,but he has been able to learn how to control it as he has gotten older.Being called It ,bye his own parents made him devolp a low self esteem,and trust issues.Finally when Jake turnt 17 he ran away.He traveled around looking for a place to call home .He had went all around the Usa , making money by begging, or doing jobs like mowing lawns,etc.After about two years he came across a bank robbery.He knew what he had to do.The right thing.He went into Minotaur form and stopped the robbers.Some people thought him the "Monster" was a villian ,but others thought he was a hero.After that he was somewhat known .A year had passed when he ran into a group of Heros known as the Advengers and joined there cause.


In Minotaur form Jake can be tricked easily.


Jake is a quite guy, he believes he could never be loved due to his Minotaur Mutation,he feel isolated from the good times the world has to offer and he willl never be there to enjoy them,despite this he is very helpful and will help anyone,he is also very caring for almost anyone,he only normally talks around friends.

Jakes Other SideEdit