Lio Heart
Grim Reaper
Leader of the X-Men
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Skeleton Warrior

Lio was born dead. Unlike most mutants, her powers came out then. She came back to life and the doctors were shocked but did not suspect anything, as they just believed it was a miracle. Her parents took her home and she was a okay baby. But when she started growing up, she had a friend. Elli, a ghost, she would talk to her all day long, not realising what wasw wrong. Her parents threw it off as childlish play when Lio said she had to meet Elli or when she was talking to nothing, she said Elli. However, when Lio turned 14, her parents got worried. They had heard news of mutants, and saw Lio raise the dead accidentally one day. They sent her away, to scientist who "studied" her. Her powers grew, with her pain. She became sad, and quiet. She talked only to Elli and other ghosts. She escaped, after the X-Men, a team of mutants broke down the research lab and let all the mutants out. They recruited her, and a few years later, she is now thee leader.

Lio New
Leader of the X-Men
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Height 5'1
Affiliation X-Men
Weapons Pistol and Knives
Missions None ATM
Home X-Men Base



Lio is calm and very cool when in danger. She doesnt not scurry about like a chicken with its head cut off but gets control of the situation easily. She is very manipulative when needed, but when around friends, is quite a joker. she often wears that smile like, I know things you will never even think about knowing. She has a love for answering questions with questions or answering with answers which raise more questions. She can sometimes get insanely moody and go to the company of the dead.



Lio has dark brown/black hair which goes past her shoulders. She has pale WIP -



*Can control the dead

  • Can talk to the dead.
  • Can raise the dead
  • Can control ghosts
  • Can raise ghosts
  • Can talk to ghosts
  • Can tell if someone is about to die, but can't talk to them about it
  • Can sense death



  • Brotherhood of Mutants