Markus Knight
Markus in the snow
Important Information
Gender Male
Location America
Status Alive
Eye Color Ice Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 6' 1"
Affiliation X-Men
Powers Phobokinesis, Umbrakinesis
Missions none
This character belongs to kingbirdy

This character is in the X-Men.


Somewhat quiet, though not shy necessarily. He is also a bit jumpy.


As a child, he always suffered horrible nightmares that the doctors were never able to cure, or even know what caused them. Soon, others in his house began experiencing the same effects. Whenever Marcus wasn't home, though, they slept fine. At first, they dismissed this, but the pattern kept repeating, and his parents became very freaked out. Markus overheard them talking about it when he came home one day, and was mad that they were blaming him, even though he was suffering too. He yelled at them, and they fell to the floor, consumed with fear. Marcus panicked, and almost ran away, but he stayed. When his parents came too, they were freaked out, and went to get a therapist for him. Through some weird twist of fate, this therapist was also a mutant, with the ability to read minds, and when he learned about Marcus, he told them about the Institute, and explained what he was. At first they didn't believe him, but in the end they sent him there.


Fear ProjectionEdit

He can make someone's worst fear come to life

Fear AmplificationEdit

He can enhance people's fear and terror


He can manipulate shadows to his will


He occasionally has debilitating flashbacks to all the fears he has inflicted on others, that occur randomly throughout the day, and when he is sleeping.