Nathan Matthews


Member of The Revengers

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Nate is bold, occasionally impulsive, and underhanded. He has a strong sense of cosmic justice and is a strong believer in karma. He is an honest and caring person, a classic romantic, and is occasionally a flirt. He’s quick to take control of a situation, and usually slow to take offense. He is also impulsive and hot-headed. He has a tendancy to over-react to certain situations, and is never one to run from a fight. He is also very caring, genuine, and loyalauthority.

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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born March 13,1956
Family Nolan Matthews (son)

Izzy Matthew(Ex-Wife)

Status Alive,Currently 56, but appears to be in mid-20's
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'3"
Affiliation Revengers
Weapons Calibraun
Powers Sorcery
Enemies Avengers






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Nate is a Caucasian male. He is 6’3, 210 lbs. He has black hair and piercing blue eyes. He is highly muscular with an athletic build. He described as being attractive with runic tattoos along his upper body



  • Able to manipulate and generate Kinetic energy. (Former)
  • Sorcery: Nathan possesses great skill in Adgardian sorcery, allowing him to tap and manipulate the mystical forces of the universe, by using incantations, hexes or simply thought, giving her mystical control over a very large variety of forces, some which he is more skilled in controlling than others. he can utilize these powers in multiple ways, though is in no way limited to them:
  • Telekinesis:Is able to manipulate and move objects with his mind. He has not tested the limits of it yet, but his demonstrated the strength to lift a car with no difficulty.
  • Physical Enhancement: Nathan's longevity rivals that of an Asgardian, aging at a slower rate than the average human, and can live up to a total of 1,000 years, though he is not immortal. he also is superhumanly resistant to wounds, immune to all toxins diseases of Earth and highly resistant to physical damage, yet still vulnerable to them. He is also rather exponentially more endurable, faster, stronger and accurate than the average human.
  • Energy Projection: He can project mystic energies and manipulate them as well, using them offensively/defensively, as well as materializing them.


  • Due to his powers being Asgardian in origin, he is vulnerable to Dark Uru.