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Noel Spocks AKA The Messanger
Noel Infobox
Hello there?! How are you, have you read the daily Bugle yet? Would you like a free copy? Pleasure to meet you!
The Funky Reporter
Important Information
Gender Male
Location Whever his work takes him
Status Reporting live ;P
Eye Color hazel
Hair Color black
Height tall
Affiliation Himself
Weapons Nothing
Powers He can understand, write and speak any language made.
Missions None at the moment.

Hello, welcome to my world! Obviously, your needing something or you wouldnt be here. Maybe you want to chat? If so, hello, we're chatting now!

First thing you should know about me is my name is Noel Spocks. I am 24 years old and a pleasant reporter! Of course, besides my slightly odd attitude and lust for knowledge, I am just like you! I run the Daily Bugle, interviewing and knowing anything. This paper is for villains and heroes alike, because i am neutral.

My personality is simple curious. I have a lust for knowledge as said before, always wanting to question you and dig deeper. I am not a full out happy guy, but neither am I a sad or angry guy. I like to believe im a in between person. I like to do lots of research and get very grump when people interupt me. I am NOT a morning person so this is your first, only and final warning.

My history is quite simple. At the age of five, my parents died in a car crash. I was sent to live with my old grandmother, who was half blind and half deaf. She had used to be a reporter. She taught me the arts of writing as she got older and when I turned ten, she died. From there, I was sent to my aunt in France. I started writing in memory of my grandmother and found I had a talent for it. Of course, im not boasting but I was simply wonderful. My mutant powers came forward when I turned thirteen, the power to understand, write, speak any language ever made. I didnt choose a fight in this petty war you heroes and villains go on about. I am just someone, who informs you to the news.

At the moment, I have a few people I consider friends. Firstly, is Queen Elizabeth of England. Great woman, lovely chats we have over tea. Secondly, is my dog Oscar. He is simply great to have as a buddy. I am also friends with the Statue of Liberty and a potted plant called Amy.