Ezekiel Maxwell


Member of The Brotherhood of Mutants

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Zeke is very headstrong, proud and stubborn. He is used to getting things that he wants, even if it means taking them by force. He is flirty and is exceedingly charismatic. He follows orders and answers accordingly to all authority.

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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born March 13,1995
Family (Unknown Father)

Miranda Maxwell (Mother)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'3"
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Weapons None
Powers Mainpulation and Generation of Electro-Magnetic Energy
Enemies X-Men



Zeke was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He was always used to being the center of attention and a joker, until he discovered he was a mutant when he defended himself after he was jumped by bullies in his high school. Soon after, he became the target of many anti-mutant lynch mobs in based in chicago. Getting angry for having his life threatened, Norm lost control of his powers, nearly killing the entire mob. The next day, a representative from the X-Men came looking for him. Still weak from the day before, Norm still tried to fight. The hero easily over-powered him, stiking him with lightning, shorting out his powers. She then brought him to the Xaiver Institute. Norm then finished his senior year of high school there, and began training there but soon left after the Cataclysm,feeling the "New" X-men had no real vision. After living on the streets for a few months, he found and joined the Brotherhood of Mutants,under the codename Ohm.



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Zeke is an African American male. He is 6’3, 210 lbs. He has black hair and grey/blue eyes. He is highly muscular with an athletic build. He described as being attractive.



  • Able to manipulate and generate electro-magnetic energy.
  • Is able to use this energy as actual electricity, and to electro-stimulate his mind, enhancing his reaction time and reflexes
  • Is able to electro-stimulate his body, allowing him to temporarily enhance his movement speed and strength to superhuman levels
  • Is able to create stasis fields of static electricity capabale of absorbing vast amounts of force.
  • Body is always generating abnormal amounts of static electricity.
  • Is capable of manipulating metals,ferrous metals more acutely.
  • He uses repelling magnetic force, as well as the levitation of lodestone plates in his clothing and costume to mimic flight.



*An overabundance of water or insulation, as it will cause him to short out or fry himself due to the extra static electricity surrounding his body.