Olivia Grace
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Olivia was raised in Miami, Florida with her mother and father. Her parents, who had a very bad outlook on mutants after a flood was caused by one, and it destroyed their former home. Olivia lived a fair life, until her wings began to start growing from her back. She stayed in the restroom all day, looking at her tiny wings and wondering how she would be able to hide them. Time passed, and her wings sprouted fully from her back; they shimmered various colors, until her wings stopped at the color pink, which fit her astounded mood. Experimenting with her wings, she attempted to fly. Failing, she flailed in mid air, and passed straight through the closed door, then hit the wall. Her mom, who was on the way to her room from the kitchen, shrieked when she saw her wings and ran away, yelling various insulting things that had to do with her wings. Hurt, she escaped her home and fled to the woods. It wasn't long until a member of the X-Men recruited her and she began a new life with them.

When the mutant that recruited introduced her to Professor Xavier, she instantly became friendly with him and listened to his speech about being a mutant. Olivia had a hard time with her wings at the institute because they were constantly getting in her way of her when she sits down in a desk. She ended up having to train to advance her phasing powers, so that she can have only her wings become intagible. She continued to attempt to become more familiar with her powers. As she grew more into her powers, she began to become more powerful and received more recognition from other students. She was friendly with mostly everyone.

After Olivia graduated, she stayed and aided other members of the faculty at the institute. Her occupation as an aid was short lived, and she was later offered a job. She continued to climb up the ranks, until she the time for a new leader came. Olivia took the spot and was welcomed with open arms.

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Location X-Men Base
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Affiliation X-Men
Weapons None
Powers Phasing, teleportation, pixie dust, wings, spell casting
Missions None

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is very kind, understanding, and when she needs to be, assertive. Getting to know Olivia is fairly easy, because her she doesn't hold back her emotions. She reads like a book and makes sure that everyone understands that her decisions for the team, do not affect her relationships with anyone.


  • Phasing
  • Butterfly wings
  • Teleportation
  • Pixie dust (causes hallucinations)
  • Spell casting


Possessing delicate insect wings, Olivia is extremely vulnerable to air based attacks. A strong blast of air could knock her into something which could seriously injure her.

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