Linius Ramielion

Member of the Inhumans

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Linus - Ramiel
-The Hercules of Attilan / Lieutenant Commander of the Inhumans

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Linius Ramielion was born on Attilan. His parents both worked at the palace and attended to Black Bolt while he lived there. His father worked as a palace guard on Attilan until he retired to take care of Linius after his mother died. When Linius was 14, he showed traces of great strength and intelligence and so he was sent to Earth to live amongst humans. He lived in Seattle, Washington with foster parents who were allies of the Inhumans. Linius, no called Linus, lived there for several years, happily, until he was 16. That was when things started going wrong. His strength was building and so was his speed and his senses. After trying out for the football team and making it, some boys who were cut from the team followed him home after school. They called him out as a mutant because of his strength and appearance, though Linus had no idea what they were talking about. They boys started to fight him, and in frustration, he fought back. The worst happened when Linus accidentally broke one boy's arm and another's back just by picking them up and dropping them on the ground. After Linus was sued by the boys' parents, he was sent to Juvenile Detention for ten months. While in juvie, Linus was either avoided or challenged for a fight. With his anger, he usually accepted a challenge, though with his record, security would break up the fight in minutes. After his sentence was up, he returned home with a heavy probation. After his probation was finished, his father brought him back to Attilan to become a guard after he retired. Linus declined and joined the Inhumans instead.

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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born 1994
Family Marxus Ramielion (father)
Trinya Ramielion (mother)
Status Alive, 17
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour White
Height 6'4"
Weapons Strength
Suit of Armour
Home Attilan
Affiliation Inhumans
Missions -



Linus likes to fight and show off his skills. He's very proud, which can be his downfall most of the time. He enjoys playing sports like basketball, football and soccer. He sometimes get paranoid and anxious like he's scared someone is going to kill him in the next battle. He has keen interest in technology and mechanics and he built his own suit.



Linus has light green eyes and snowy white hair. He stands at 6'4" and weighs about 210 lbs. without his armour and 300 lbs. with his armour. He has white tattoos on his body, marking every battle he's won and pointed ears. He's usually described as being a "typical warrior" with a muscular build.





Superhuman strength

Enhanced durability

Super senses and reflexes

Enhanced speed


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