The Hellfire Club


We are the Hellfire Club, an international powerful and wealthy society consisting of only the best, and most powerful Earth has to offer. In the past, the Club was seen as an exclusive socialite's club, but secretly, the Council of the Chosen, and later the Inner Circles, have been turning the gears and working towards ambitions hidden from other circles; if you haven't been able to tell yet, the order of the happenings upon our world is horribly shaken. For years, it's been degrading and devolving. Our secret plans aimed to stop that, but as the great cataclysm shook further our dearest planet, to its roots, and the first Baroness Imperial, Enigma, rose to throne, the secret ambitions were revealed, and the system of circles has fallen apart.

Some have begun to perceive us as a sort of criminal organization; a society of villains. Nonetheless, they do not see what has yet to come, and what we must correct before it dawns on us, using chaotic ways to achieve goals for the greater good. Our numbers perished, and we still aim to continue the mission our founders and members alike tried to accomplish. They have passed on, and now it's your turn to take up their legacy, whether you are an aristocrat or peasant, you can join us in our mission of change.

In order to unite our international branches into a single unit, we've relocated from the Hellfire Buildings onto a single, united residency, called The Hellfire Mansion, which shifts location at the will of our Baroness Imperial.


Baroness Imperial

Elvira Slayer / Enigma

Second in Commands

Drake Motion / Dipole

Advocate of Guidance

Sebastian (Hiram) Shaw


Dominic Garnett / Diamond

Adriana Fleur / Smoke

Ivan Titov / Ivan the Terrible

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