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Tony Motion
Important Information
Gender Male
Location New York
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'3" (Changes)
Affiliation Young Masters
Weapons Changes
Powers body stretches, changes shape, super strength
Missions None So Far


Tony is the son of two Nashville country singers and has lots of siblings, most of whom became villains like Tony. When he was ten his older brother Marx locked him in a cabinet and he spent hours trying to escape. After almost giving up he pressed one more time and was surprised to see his hand slide through the crack. Half an hour later after freaking out Tony managed to squeeze his way out of the cabinet. Following that incident Tony went off on his own to continue to practice his powers in secret since he didn't know anyone else in his family was super. When he was fourteen though he came out to his parents and was kicked out of the house. From then on Tony used his powers to steal, mostly petty things in the beginning. Later though he started to rob jewelry stores and banks. When he was sixteen he was found by The Young Masters and became a member. He thinks of them as his family and is very hostile towards his siblings who he thinks abandoned him when he was kicked out.


Tony is a generally easy going guy who got into the villain business on accident really. He doesn't like hurting people but won't hesitate in order to defend his team. He has a soft spot though for children and protects them at all costs. Tony has a weakness for the finer things in life though, and loves to rob a bank or two when he needs the cash. He is openly gay.


Tony is super elastic and his body can change both shape and size. He is able to mold his hands into any weapon from mallet to sword. Tony can stretch up to eight times his natural height. He also has super strength to go along withthe stretchiness but is vulnerable to extreme temperatures.