The number of mutants has been increasing at a great rate since the Cataclysm, due to a mysterious vapor made of a gas named the Superior Gas being released at the time of the explosion of the cosmic cube. The vapor was presumably used by Celestials when they first began to create the Homo Superiors, and later stored in the cosmic cube. Any human who inhales the gas has a larger probability to pass down the X-Gene to his children, though it has been shown to mainly work in humans with type O plasma, in particular O-, and very rarely in type AB.

As mutants spread, humans once more became wary and afraid of these odd beings, calling for a reforming of groups of mutants. One group of Mutants, inspired by Charles Xavier and his X-Men, X-Force and all various formations of X, creating one Ultimate X, desiring to coexist with their fellow Homo Sapiens, along with all other species, liberating themselves from prejudice. These mutants, bearing only True Good intentions, decided they would stop at nothing to rid of prejudice against their blood.

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The Alliance of Ascenders Allied The two teams have worked together several times, and the Ascenders largely advocate all species coexisting, and thus, Ultimate X's cause as well.